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The meaning of Schwung is being wildly enthousiastic,passion for our Irish setters.
In 1981 my first setter arrived at our home.
She has no pedigree and she was adopted.

It was her character that made me search for an successor,Crow's Castle Nanny,a doughter
of Revival Morning Mist.
After a while,she was accompagnied by Norcroft Pirate,a soft and gentle dog.

Searching a show dog,we arrived at the Lordly breeding.
Lordly Primrose and Lordly Pretilly came with us at Roeslare.
It was Prettily,my sisters'dog who went at show.
She was a female bitch with what I found a lovely head,chest and a coat that was always in a
goog condition.
She was placed several times.
Unfortunately we had less show experience.Prettily was a treasure to me.
In those years going at show was familier and winning less  important than participating.
Friendship and the breed even more important.

Step by step,we had to say goodby to our precious setters.
New occupants came.Mr.Kees Geysen recommanded to us Bandit of The Chicken Farm.
In 2004 he became best young dog in the Netherlands and best young male dog in Belgium.
Visiting a show I met Mr.otto Lrssen.
I knew he had a lovely bitch :Evalyne of the Hunters Home.

So I reserved a bitch for the show.
I had to wait two years for DENROSE DIAMOND
She is the daughter of Ch.Ardan of the Funny Home and Evalyne of the Hunters Home.
Diamond is a setter of the old typ,she date back to the Lowfields.
She's a compact,strong bitch with an Irish movement.
She won a lot and she's in an exellent condition.
Therefore we decided to do a litter with her.
We've chosen Lordly Bronan to be her partner.
In 2008,he became reserve male dog at the clubshow in Belgium.

Just before that event,he has become father of five male and five female dogs.
Schwung Habibi;Schwung Hillary and Schwung Highlander stayed with us.
We enjoyed our litter.All our pups have a face and a place in our hearts.

We hope to take part at the hunting and the shows.
Hopefully with success.
Today I would like to thank all the breeders of the past who visited our litter and shared their
experience with us

Francky , Ingrid and Iron

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